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A Dream Come True

If you really want to enjoy your holidays, they should be so far out of the ordinary that they allow for a complete escape from day to day living. Something that everyone should try out at least once is luxury sports package holidays – great for both keen sports fans and the more casual sports watchers too. The days when a sports holiday meant that the bare basics in accommodation and cramped, old buses have long ago become a thing of the past. A lot more companies are looking for luxury sports package holidays as a means to meet the growing demand for a new Click to continue

Why Handwriting Can Affect Sales Responses

American journalist Lance Morrow once said, “Handwriting is civilization’s causal encephalogram.”

Just as an EEG provides us with a vivid picture of our brainwaves, handwriting is a window into our thoughts and feelings. When you write, your brain controls your hand and all the motor movements you make; inevitably, there will be connections between your mood and the way you write.

Do you write with heavy pressure and a vertical slant? You’re probably the one who can stay cool in rough situations.

Handwriting can not only determine your stress Click to continue

Arduino TFT xmem graphics library proportional font demo

This short demonstration shows my open source xmem graphics library running a proportional font text output demonstration on a Nokia 6300 QVGA TFT LCD in 16….
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Download 515 Commercial Use Free Fonts From MacAppware

Download 515 Commercial Use Free Fonts From MacAppware
[] San Francisco, California – MacAppware, a division of 128bit Technologies, announces its Free Fonts collection has been updated with even more fantastic fonts, bringing the new total to 515. The Free Fonts collection is now available on the …
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Mono Spaced Fonts

At a time, when there were no computers, there were font with specific size and type with single spacing, all these were basically common to the typewriters and electric typing machines either. Yet with the induction of computer, we availed a lot of fonts, with different font types and sizes. Yet in the specific documents, which require very clear writing needs mono spaced fonts like Courier of size 12.

The single biggest merit of mono spaced fonts is that, these fonts are very easier for formatting the documents, thus you dont feel any difficulty to change any format with this Click to continue

Typography Artwork


It goes without saying that there are various types of art that many people not only admire but collect as well. What many may not realize, however, is that typography is a form of art that has been around for quite some time.

What is Typography?

By definition, typography is considered an actual art form—and with good reason. This category of art is the practice of using type in various arrangements, designs and modifications, mainly for illustration purposes. While most Click to continue